A Brief History of Milwaukee Tools

Milwaukee Tools is a brand known and respected internationally for high quality, innovative products within the industry and has a long and distinguished history.

Way back in 1918, when WWI was finally winding down to a close, the man who is famous for pioneering in the automotive industry---Henry Ford---was casting about in search of someone who could deliver a portable, more compact and light weight version of the one-quarter inch capacity power drill. A young but enthusiastic manufacturer in Wisconsin named A. H. Petersen stepped forward to accept Ford's challenge and in due course, the Hole Shooter was born.

The Hole Shooter was revolutionary for its time. Weighing in at five pounds, this fledgling power tool was run by a series type Westinghouse motor. It was the very first of any industrial tool light weight enough to be operated using only one hand. Although the Hole Shooter was relatively light weight, it had the necessary power to take on heavy duty jobs and work loads.

In 1922, four years after the introduction onto the industrial scene of the Hole Shooter, Petersen added a business partner, Albert F. Siebert. These two men jointly founded the A. H. Petersen Company. In 1923, their manufacturing facility was destroyed by fire. Faced with tremendous financial losses, the young and struggling business had no other option but to close up shop. However, the next year in 1924, Siebert acquired the company's few remaining assets at public auction and reopened the company, renaming it the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. Siebert's goal was to capitalize on the Petersen Hole Shooter. In this he succeeded and the Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation was on the fast track to bigger and better things from that point on.

During the remainder of the 1920s, the company relied heavily on tool repair as opposed to tool manufacturing to make money. Seeing what was defective or lacking in tools gave the staff engineers a birds eye view of what needed to be tweaked and designed, and so armed with this invaluable information they brought out many new and better power tools as time marched on.

Down through the years, Milwaukee Tools have introduced one innovative, revolutionary tool after another to the industry. The brand is synonymous with high standards of excellence in all of its products.

If you are in the market for power tools such as the following, you can't go wrong buying Milwaukee tools:

  • Power Drills
  • Demolition Hammers
  • Saws
  • Sawzalls
  • And More

Every tool produced and sold under the Milwaukee name will live up to the quality and durability that made this business a household name around the world. The company that brought us the remarkable Hole Shooter has gone on to introduce a brilliant succession of power tools that have done much to improve the industry; making work easier, faster and safer for millions of people!


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