Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Angle Grinders

Are you shopping around for angle grinders?

If so, and you feel a little unsure about knowing what to look for in an angle grinder or---if you're new to the world of tools---exactly what it is that these tools really do....read on. You'll find out everything you ever wanted to know about them and maybe even quite a lot you didn't have any interest in knowing.

Whatever the case may be, you'll emerge from this article knowing about angle grinders.

Let's start by delving into the history of these handy tools.

History of Angle Grinders

There are conflicting stories about who actually invented the angle grinder. One story is that it was invented in 1954 by a German company named Ackermann + Schmitt.

Another story says that Thomas Joseph invented the angle grinder in 1973. So, the facts about the origin of this tool are more than a little murky. The one thing we do know for a certainty is that somebody, somewhere, at some point in time invented them because they're around and in use. Maybe that's all that matters.

Either way, they haven't been around all that long.

What is an Angle Grinder?

What is an angle grinder and what does it do?

An angle grinder, also known as a disc grinder or a side grinder, is a hand held power tool used for polishing, cutting and grinding. They may be powered by compressed air, electricity, batteries or a petrol engine.

They may be used for cutting into a work piece or removing excess material from a work piece. There are numerous discs that might be used with an angle grinder. For instance, here are some types of discs for these tools:

•    Cut Off Discs
•    Abrasive Grinding Discs
•    Sanding Discs
•    Grinding Stones
•    Polishing Pads
•    Wire Brush Wheels

The discs you use with an angle grinder will depend upon the application.

There are some tradies who say that angle grinders are the most dangerous of any power tools. That may or may not be true, but it is certainly true that they could be dangerous and utmost care should be taken to use them carefully.

Like many other power tools, one of the most popular types in this particular tool is cordless.

Cordless Power Tools

Cordless power tools have much to offer in the way of convenience, ease of use and portability. You can take them places where corded tools wouldn't work, such as remote areas or new home sites with no power. As long as you keep some hot batteries handy, cordless tools will work as long as you want to.

This applies to an angle grinder, as well. You can get these tools in a cordless version made by several famous brands.

Milwaukee, Metabo, Hitachi, DeWalt, Bosch and Panasonic all make angle grinders and when you purchase an internationally known brand, there are no worries about getting an inferior power tool as there may be with a mass produced, generic tool; so stick with the name brands  when shopping for these handy tools!


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