Home Improvement Projects – You or Them?

The purchase price of your home is really only the beginning. There’s a whole swag of ongoing expenses, including:

  • insurance
  • rates
  • utilities
  • and of course, repairs.

Some mathematical genius worked out that a homeowner should expect to spend somewhere between 1% and 2% of the total purchase price of the home on repairs annually. We are just talking about routine maintenance, so if you have any major projects in mind, the costs are whole lot more.

  • Bathroom upgrade – $9000
  • Bedroom makeover – $15,000
  • Remodel kitchen – $20,000

It goes without saying that the biggest expense in these costs is labour. That’s why we all decide to become DIY experts!

A few friends got together and decided that if there were home improvement projects to do, they would help each other. So, they made an investment in a whole range of power tools, namely Milwaukee power tools, to enable them to attack any major refurbishment job they planned.

While they agreed that Milwaukee cordless power tools were an excellent investment, they also acknowledged that sometimes they needed that extra power of a plugin tool. So, in the end it was a mixture of Milwaukee electric power tools, some of which made up Milwaukee power tool kits, while others were standalone.

They were able to get all the information they needed about power tools by simply Googling ‘power tools Milwaukee’ and ‘Milwaukee power tools Australia’. With four of them able to do their due diligence on all brands of power tools available, they were happy with the final decision to stick with the Milwaukee brand.

When you split the cost of all these tools that they purchased between four of them, and their ability to chop and change the right tool when required rather than having to go out and buy a specific tool for a specific job, the end result was quite cost effective. However, complicated jobs which included plumbing, and electrical work should still always be left to skilled professionals. And while it is acknowledged that carpentry is a trade and there are lots of little tricks and shortcuts of which a carpenter is aware, they are not as hard to acquire that expertise as it is in the other trades. The end result with a bad carpentry job that you might do yourself doesn’t look as bad, or have as serious repercussions as a dodgy plumbing job or an electrical repair job that might turn out to be dangerously unsafe.

When these guys all sat down and produced a long list of all the projects that needed to be done in each of the houses, the overwhelming majority seem to be DIY jobs – cabinet and door handles needing replacement, sealing water ingress in bathrooms and kitchens, replacing window frames, insulating, erecting shelves, and even a patio construction. Building add on rooms can be done to the point where an electrician is required.

This system works!


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