Metabo Lithium HD Batteries

Ever since lithium started being used in batteries, the world has gone crazy about lithium mines and the supply of the metal matching demand. Elon Musk started a revolution when he began manufacturing electric cars that would be affordable for every person. Lithium demands started a whole new wave of exploration and mining development so that the world would not run out of lithium.

Australia is one of the major suppliers in the world and working with Chinese investments, a couple of new mines have started production as well as there being new developments in the refining process. Check out ‘sileach’.

Power Tools

When it comes to power tools, well, they have been manufactured as cordless for some years now and as the technology has improved, so has the power available from these batteries. There is research and development for electric airplanes, electric taxis, and even being able to provide whole cities with a big enough renewable Li-ion battery to provide renewable energy as a replacement for fossil fuels.

The Metabo HD

That heading looks like the name of a Transformer from the movies and it’s not a bad mistake to make because Metabo LiHD Batteries are a beast of a battery. Most cordless power tools are either 12V or 18V, so you are looking at twice the power for extra grunt and a lot longer lasting.


Metabo LiHD Batteries have some rather interesting features, probably necessary in a battery so large. It has air cooled charging technology to help keep the heat off the replenishment cycle. It comes with a 3-year guarantee and Ultra M technology that is used to manage the battery. It has a controlled charge and discharge management processor. It also has an indicator displaying capacity. A lot of features which are necessary for complete battery management.

It can…

The capacity of the Metabo LiHD Batteries are 5.2 Ah, and the power is good enough to drive a 2400w motor. What does that mean? Well, marrying it to a cordless grinder with a 230mm disc spinning at 6600rpm you can cut to over 70mm depth. Those specs mean you do not need an electric power tool on a site if you have the Metabo LiHD Batteries driving your cordless.

The Battery

With the battery power available, there will be some run-offs in power tool development as well.

  1. Powerful new cordless tools.
  2. Used in High Demand applications – hence the HD in LiHD.
  3. The battery is lighter and more compact, that means easier to handle the tool as well.
  4. The batteries have higher quality cells and improved connectors and that results in more power.
  5. The quality is guaranteed. A feature of Metabo products.
  6. Future Crisis

    The real problem with the Lithium technology is that the other component in the battery is the element Cobalt and its presence on this planet is far scarcer than lithium.


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