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Surveying Equipment from Position Partners

If you are looking for smart, reliable position solutions, Position Partners are your people. Get Tools Direct carries the PLS Flat Timber tripod to support your high-precision instruments.

When supporting total stations or theodolites, wood provides the necessary damping to absorb shocks and vibrations. A quality wooden tripod has been shown to enhance measurement accuracy. Wood also expands less than metal, in heat and sunlight, coping better with Australian weather conditions.

The Position Partners Flat Timber tripod is available through Get Tools Direct for online purchase, with shipping to all parts of Australia, including Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney.

Position Partners are Australia's premier provider of positioning and machine control solutions for surveying, civil works, mining, earthmoving and building activities. Their product range includes construction lasers, geospatial equipment, levels and theodolites, as well as construction and survey accessories.

Providing precision equipment that facilitates surveying and construction, this company invests in innovation to keep its products at the cutting edge of the market, exceeding rather than meeting expectations. You can be sure of a top quality tool that has been engineered for precision.

Topcon LasersOther positioning equipment carried by Get Tools Direct online includes theodolites by Astor and Topcon, pipe lasers from Imex and Leica and Topcon laser levels. For more information or to see the features and specifics of any of our surveying or construction products, simply click on the product images, or give us a call today. Our friendly customer service representatives are more than happy to discuss all your requirements.

Gain the advantage for yourself of shopping online at Get Tools Direct for your Position Partners products.


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