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Top 5 Trade Tools

We asked our tradie customers:
"If you could only have 5 trade tools in your workshop, which 5 would you choose?"

The answers were surprising and varied, though what did emerge that there are five or six very popular and useful trade tools that nobody could do without.

The preferred choices were as follows:

  1. The first choice for almost everybody was a saw. The type varied from a table saw, sabre saw, jig saw, mitre saw, bandsaw, skill saw or circular saw. Often they were requested as table mounted tools.
  2. The next most common request, out of all the trade tools, was a drill press or power drill. Smart tradies asked for a cordless, reversible, variable speed drill with a clutch to change it to a hammer drill function.
  3. A router was, understandably, the next most essential in trade tools tool boxes, featuring highly for their versatile cutting ability.
  4. Planers and thicknessers followed closely, due to their flexibility and general usefulness in cutting and sizing.
  5. Most commonly requested as the last of the 5 trade tools in the selection was a joiner or jointer, often in the form of a plate joiner or biscuit joiner.

Not quite making the top five was the sander, essential for finishing the job beautifully. Preference was given to a random orbital sander or belt sander.

When asked a similar question about hand tools, the list was full of obvious choices:
screwdrivers, hammers, hand saws, knives, chisels, pliers, planes, tape measures and levels.

Trade ToolsSome thoughtful, safety-conscious answers, though not necessarily trade tools, included gloves, safety goggles and even a request for a dust extractor on the required list of 5 items.

One of the smartest answers given was that the best of all the trade tools was "a good brain with the knowledge to think about how things work". The top prize, however, goes to the carpenter who listed "a patient wife or partner" as essential equipment for hours of happy working!

What would you choose on your list of essential trade tools?


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