Makita Tools: Females as Electricians in Australia

If you are a female who likes using Makita tools and interested in becoming an electrician, great news!

More and more women are entering into non traditional trades and the Australian government, as well as quite a few companies in the private sector, are encouraging females to get the training and experience needed to earn a good living in a trade.

There are more males as electricians than females, but while that gap is still very wide, it is narrowing as females enter the trade.


Makita Power Tools: How to Use a Reciprocating Saw

If you are looking to buy prime quality Makita power tools, you might be interested in a short primer on how to use a reciprocating saw.

Makita is an internationally famous brand that is well known for its high quality products. When you buy Makita power tools, you can be assured of getting the cream of the crop from this industry leader.

No matter what kinds of tools you want or need, it's a lead pipe cinch that you can probably get them from Makita.


How to Build a Rustic Gazebo with Makita Power Tools

The warm Summertime weather is almost upon us and you might be interested in using Makita power tools to construct a beautiful, rustic gazebo that will afford many hours of pleasant, laid back enjoyment.

Gazebos are nice! If you have ever spent any time in a gazebo, you have experienced for yourself the marvellous feeling of being indoors---outdoors!

There are a slew of plans for various types of gazebos. The size and style you choose will be based upon your own personal preferences, skills using Makita power tools and possibly your budget.


Making a Living as an Auto Mechanic with Kincrome Tools

Are you interested in using your Kincrome tools to make a living? Do you like tinkering around with cars? Would you be interested in a trade that will pay you a good wage?

If so, becoming a mechanic might be right down your alley.

Good mechanics are always in demand, so one thing you probably wouldn't have to worry about would be finding and keeping a job. Of course, to command the best salary, you will probably need to have some formal training.


How to Corral the Clutter with DIY Storage & Makita Tools

If you feel that your living space is overflowing with clutter, you may like some DIY ideas for storage solutions you can make with Makita tools.

Makita tools can be your ace in the hole when it comes to creating extra storage solutions that will get that mountain of miscellaneous clutter neatly organised and stowed away.

If you are challenged for space, storage and having a place for everything and everything in its place is of paramount importance. But, even if you live in a huge house, too much stuff piled up and lying on the floor and stacked on every available surface can waste your space and be a jumbled up nightmare of stuff, stuff and more stuff.


How to Build DIY Toys for Tots with Makita Tools

Your Makita tools can come in handy if you have or know a child who would enjoy wooden toys.

Yes, you can use your very own Makita tools to construct fantastic wooden DIY toys for tots and have durable, beautiful toys that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

This is quite a contrast to the majority of toys available to buy since many or even most are designed to be throw aways, not made to stand up to the wear and tear and kiddie love of toddlers.


7 Car Repairs You Can DIY With Kincrome Tools

If you have high quality Kincrome tools, you can do some basic car repairs yourself and save the cost of hiring a mechanic.

Let's face it, saving money when and where you can is vital to your financial health in these days of high prices! Kincrome tools are just what you need to tackle a few simple car repairs and keep that money you would have paid someone else to do them in your own pocket.

Auto maintenance and repair can often be extremely technical in the modern cars of today. You will probably not want to attempt complicated repairs such as rebuilding a transmission or switching out a motor.


Warranty Options at Get Tools Direct

Get Tools Direct stock a huge range of different tools. Why? Because we want to provide our customers with every option available, we want to give them choice along with the best advice so that they go into their purchase knowing all there is to know about power tools; what they should be looking for when purchasing one, and what will suit their needs best. One outcome of stocking all the major brands is that each brand has a slightly different warranty situation, which must be taken heed of.

All the tools we sell come under 100% Australian warranty. Thanks to this, it is important to keep in mind that, in the unlikely circumstance your tool fails, there are two options to claim your warranty. The first option is to take the offending tool to your nearest authorised repair agent with a copy of your invoice, where they have the ability to process your warranty. The next option is to either send via freight or drop your damaged tool in to us at Get Tools Direct HQ in sunny Queensland and we can arrange to process the tool under warranty for you. Our Warranty adviser Gavin Duce acknowledges that it is rare a power tool has faults or issues, however, if there is any, “a service technician will assess the fault and return the tool to its original working condition.”

When purchasing such an important and long-lasting investment as a power tool, one must do thorough research of what each chosen brand offers. Things such as: what is included, the returns policy, and the warranty of the product, must be considered. This post is in regards to the warranty of different brands at Get Tools Direct, and so is a must-read, before you purchase your items. For more information on the warranty of different brands available from us, visit our YouTube channel.


7 Power Tool Safety Tips for Makita Tools

Makita tools are high quality but even the best brands need to observe basic power tool safety tips.

Power tools are just that---powerful. If used incorrectly they can be dangerous and accidents may result, sometimes even fatal injuries. It is always better to acquaint yourself with knowledge of how to use power tools safely.

Now, nobody is discounting the enormous boon that power tools have been for tradies all around the world. The ease and convenience of these high tech tools has made things a whole lot easier for working people everywhere and we certainly wouldn't advocate going to back to hand tools exclusively because they're safer to use than power tools.


The History and Development of Power Tools

Power tools have been a boon to mankind and you may be interested in learning a little about their history and development.

Imagine yourself going back in time to the 1800s or earlier and having a big oak tree to cut down or a house to build. Whew! There weren't any chainsaws back then, so felling that mighty oak would have needed two people---one on each end of a cross cut saw---plus an axe and long hours of grueling labor. Ugh.

Building a house, barn or other structure of any size at all would have called for first cutting down trees by hand, then planing the lumber into boards, rafters and joists with hand held tools; not to mention the Herculean task of actually building the house and roofing it, etc.


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