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More about BMI


BMI Provides Quality Measuring Tapes & Levels

BMI levels and tapes are specially designed and manufactured for the job site and made tough for long lasting performance.

If there is one thing you don't want to risk when you're measuring anything on the job, it's a defective tape measure or level that is inaccurate and will give you the wrong measurements. In fact, even a small miscalculation or wrong measurements could cause you to have to scrap expensive pieces of material and possibly even compromise the entire job.

Who wants that?

Don't risk making costly mistakes that might waste your time and money due to cheap, shoddily produced laser levels, levels, tape measures or other measuring equipment. Buy premium quality BMI measuring products and be sure you get the right measurements every time!

Construction laser levels and spirit levels, as well as tape measures, need to be 100% accurate and when you buy from BMI - no worries!

There are a variety of applications where laser levels, spirit levels and measuring tapes might be used.


Uses for Levels & Tape Measures

Here are a few of the typical uses for construction levels:

  • Any type of basic surveys
  • Laser levels check and level posts and beams on decks, fences and porches
  • Masonry alignment
  • Site layout
  • Easily check land elevations
  • Lasers with a slope capability can set grade for proper drainage and irrigation
  • Align fences, posts and decks
  • Establishing grades
  • Contour farming or drainage

Here are some indoor uses for levels and measuring tapes:

  • Align and plumb your walls
  • Leveling floors
  • Attach your laser to a wall or ceiling mount for easy drop ceiling installation
  • Easily check door or window heights
  • Install drop ceilings
  • Install chair rails and wainscoting in your home \
  • Align shelves, cabinets and trim
  • Hang pictures or wall decor
  • Use a tripod for easy installation and alignment of cabinets, chair rails, etc.

As you can see, you will have plenty of jobs and projects that require levels and tape measures.

You can get world renowned BMI measuring products at discount prices every day from Get Tools Direct!


Get Tools Direct Has BMI Products

When you shop with Get Tools Direct, you have access to thousands of high quality, name brand tools, equipment and accessories such as BMI measuring products at drastically reduced prices.

As one of Australia's largest online tool stores, we buy in volume and so are able to source premium products at much lower prices than the average brick and mortar store. With low overhead and high sales volume, we can pass those tremendous savings on to you!

Experience the user friendly ease and convenience of shopping online 24/7 at a time that best suits your schedule - even holidays and weekends - right from the comfort of your own home or office. Then just sit back and wait for fast delivery directly to your door.

You won't have long to wait, though, because most in-house orders receive same day dispatch!

Get Tools Direct has been building a reputation based on providing working people with_‡ high quality tools at affordable prices and excellent customer service for more than 20 years, so you can buy with confidence.

Start shopping and saving money now on BMI products and lots more at Get Tools Direct!

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