Bosch 550W 82mm Planer PHO1500

Bosch 550W 82mm Planer PHO1500 Image

Bosch 550W 82mm Planer PHO1500

$90.78 90.78

Bosch 550W 82mm Planer PHO1500

Powerful high surface quality easy working

Compact and lightweight 500-watt planer for fast applications up to a cutting depth of 1.5 mm
Patented Woodrazor blade system easy, effortless planing, the easiest and quickest possible blade changing and high surface quality
V-groove for conveniently rounding off corners

Chip clearance on one side for connecting to a dust bag or vacuum cleaner
Rebating depth up to 8 mm
Combined guide and planing depth adjustment knob provides secure guidance and infinitely variable adjustment

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