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Dewalt power tools are specifically designed to be the safest high performing professional construction tools worldwide. These tools are created to cause less vibration, whilst offering unique control features and dust extraction solutions.

Dewalt Australia has a reputation for manufacturing only the highest quality durable, powerful and reliable tools, and has been doing so for almost 80 years. At Get Tools Direct, we have a wide range of Dewalt tools, including our Dewalt combo kits, which make it easier for you to buy all the tools you need in one low price package.

Get Tools Direct offers an extensive range of DeWalt tools including combo kits, lasers and measures, cordless tools, power tools, accessories and power units. DeWalt Combo kits are an extremely popular choice for those who are planning a DIY project and need to equip themselves with the appropriate tools. Combo kits from DeWalt come in a range of sizes and tool combinations, including the 3,4,5 and 6 piece kits. The premier combo kit is the 6 piece, 18v Brushless cordless kit that includes the Brushless Compact hammer drill, Brushless Impact Driver, Rotary Hammer Drill, Circular Saw and Reciprocating Saw. This combination of equipment is guaranteed to provide users the flexibility to take on a huge variety of tasks, all at the most competitive prices.

With some of the strictness quality control guidelines in the industry today, DeWalt are known for their high quality products across a wide range of equipment. This control covers the design phase all the way to the manufacturing process and then follows on to highly effective service network.

DeWalt makes full use of lithium-ion batteries to ensure the highest possible user experience. These batteries offer a low-maintenance option for equipment makers, which provide prolonged battery life without the requirement of memory or scheduled cycling. These batteries are able to provide the extremely high currents that are suitable for power tool use.

Lithium-ion is a popular choice of battery power across all brands as they are made from lightweight lithium and carbon. With lithium being the main element in the battery, extra energy can be stored in the atomic bonds, resulting in an extremely energy dense battery pack. Another key benefit of this kind of battery is that it is guaranteed to hold its charge. These batteries will lose only around 5% of their charge per month, compared to other similarly used batteries that will lose up to 20%.

This power efficiency has seen lithium-ion become the prominent battery of choice for DeWalt. With DeWalt being an industry leader in battery-run mobile tools, light-weight designs with an aim to provide high levels of flexibility for the end user.

Shopping online has never been easier, and with all the tools you need in the one place, it shouldn't take long at all for you to find what you're looking for. For more information or to see the features and specifics of any of our Dewalt products, simply click on the pictures, or give us a call on [store_phone]. Our friendly customer service representatives are more than happy to discuss all your requirements.

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