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Looking at core drill hire? Get your core drilling supplies and diamond core drill bits for concrete, slate, ceramics, etc. online with easy ordering and our fantastic GTD sales service.


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Ox Group

Diamond Core Drill Bits for the Hardest Jobs

Diamonds are the hardest known materials on earth and diamond core drill bits are super hard so that they can tackle any drilling job. Boring down into the hardest materials, they remove a ‘core’, similar to hole saws. Metal core drills are known as annular cutters.

Get Tools Direct has the largest range of wet and dry diamond core drill bits for professional users. With a longer life, these specialist drill bits provide superior cutting capacity and are safe, fast and accurate.

Also referred to as diamond hole saws, they are most commonly used to drill glass, ceramics, porcelain, ceramic and porcelain tile, limestone, slate, marble, granite, stone, and fibreglass.

Toledo Drill Bits

Diamond core drills are designed to use in wet or dry drilling applications in such materials as reinforced concrete, brick, block, and stone using diamond bits. Water is usually required for lubrication, although dry diamond core drill bits are available.

Get Tools Direct has a good selection of diamond core drill bits available at super low prices from name brand manufacturers including DTA, Savage, Armeg, Ox Group and ProAmp. Whether you are looking for a core drill in Perth or for core drill bits in Sydney, we can help with all your core drilling supplies.

Check out Get Tools Direct now and discover the convenience of shopping online, with our great service and support and fast, secure delivery.

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