Festool 210mm Plunge Cut Circular Saw TS 75 EBQ Plus

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The TS 75 Plunge Cut Saw has cutting depth of 75 mm and host of benefits that no other plunge-cut saw can rival. With large range of saw blades to offer, Festool's FastFix blade change system allows you to change blades in just few moves to ensure you have the correct blade for the material. This guarantees perfect quality cut and long blade life. Easily mounted to guide rail with zero-play adjustment, you are guaranteed perfect straight guidance and exact splinter free cuts, even on an angle. With Festool Dust Extractor, dust is removed immediately for clear view of the cut and reduced cleanup time. The saw is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

User Videos

There is an amazing collection of videos from both old and new Festool users. Watch what they have to say on YouTube.

Product and Guide Videos

Want to see product in action? Interested in seeing the quality results possible? Watch the product and guide videos on our YouTube page now.

Quicker, better results

A powerful, robust motor, spring-loaded riving knife, large bevel angle range and dual display for cutting depth settings guarantee you even more precision and ease of operation.

No saw cuts deeper

Where conventional 65 mm machines reach their limits, the TS 75 proves ideal for jobs involving larger work pieces and enables you to saw thick pieces in one cut. This saves time from having to turn the work piece and minimises rework.

Perfect splinter free finish

The attachable splinterguard and guide rail work together to produce smooth, splinter free cuts on both sides of the blade. No finishing sanding required.

Easy changes

Changing saw blades is quick and easy with the FastFix saw blade system. The correct blade is fitted in just few moves meaning you can change the blade more often to suit the material you are working on.

The perfect team

The guide rail works with the TS 75 to ensure all your cuts turn out perfectly. Scribe line, align the guide rail and cut. Zero-play guidance ensures no more time consuming planing work, and the cut is made directly on the scribe line, even with bevel cuts.

System benefits

The true talents of Festool's plunge cut saws is shown when they are used as part of the Festool system. Use the saw with Guide rail and Dust Extractor, or convert it to bench saw in seconds with the Compact Module System.

Industry Recognition

IF Design Award

The TS 75 won the International Forum Design award for product design 2005.

  • 75 mm cuts and no competition
  • Unrivalled 75 mm cutting depth saves turning thick workpieces
  • Spring-loaded riving knife give unhindered plunge cuts
  • Quick-acting brake provides safe, convenient sawing
  • Attachable splinterguard and guide rail give smooth cut on both sides
  • FastFix rapid change system for easy saw blade changes
  • Cutting interior doors to length using guide rail
  • Cutting and machining conservatory profiles
  • Cutting cable ducts to length
  • Accurately cutting false floors to size
  • Cutting multilayered and thick boards
  • Cutting steel sheet up to 3mm.
Product Set Nametool-in-systainer
Power consumption1600 W
No-load speed1,350 3,550 min
Saw blade diameter210 mm
Cutting depth at 45°/90°0-55 0-75 mm
Connection Diameter27 36 mm
Bevel angle range0° 45°

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Festool 210mm Plunge Cut Circular Saw TS 75 EBQ Plus

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