Festool Belt Sander 75mm BS 75

Festool Belt Sander 75mm BS 75 Image

Festool Belt Sander 75mm BS 75

Brand: Festool
Model: 570230
Warranty: 1+2 Year Warranty

Festool Belt Sander 75mm BS 75

Festool's 75mm wide belt sander is the ideal tool for sanding large workpieces with absolute precision, parallel to the grain. Working in only one direction along the grain prevents sanding rings from developing, thereby eliminating laborious and time consuming reworking. Easy to guide and comfortable to use, the BS 75 can also be quickly fitted to the flat area frame, significantly increasing the quality of your results. The available bench set can also quickly and easily convert the belt sander to bench-mounted unit, and clean working conditions are guaranteed when used with Festool Dust Extractor. The sander is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

Smooth touch down

The flat area frame allows you to set the machine down smoothly onto the workpiece while it is running, without dmaging the surface.

Perfect quality sanding

The sanding belt is guided safely and accurately for eddicient work and perfect sanding finish. Precision adjustment ensures consistent accurate work after the belt is changed.

High coverage

The wide 75mm hard-wearing coarse and fine sanding belts guarantee high coverage capacity, assisted by the strong pulling force generated by the powerful motor.

Quick frame attachment

Festool belt sanders can be fitted tot he frame without requiring tools and are just as easy to remove.

Breathe easy

The integrated dust extractor connection guarantees clean working conditions, with the flexibility of using 27 or 36mm diameter hose.


In some jobs bench-mounted sander is more appropriate, so Festool have allowed to quick conversion from hand-held sander to secure bench mounted unit.

  • Continuous precision.
  • Well-balanced centre of gravity ensures fatigue free work
  • Strong motor pulling force ensures economic working
  • Tool-free connection to flat area sanding frame
  • Flexibility of mobile or bench mounted unit with accessory kit
  • Fine sanding of flat surfaces
  • Coarse sanding of flat surfaces
  • Light sanding of high-quality, veneered surfaces
  • Sanding out planing blemishes
  • Sanding strip material (with bench unit)
Product Set Namebasic-tool-without-variable-speed
Power consumption800 W
Connection diameter27 36 mm
Rated belt load315 m/min
Spread75 mm
Belt length533 mm
Sanding area135 75 mm
  • Slip band 100 grit
  • Operating tool
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