Festool Long Reach Sander LHS 225 EQ Plus IP

Festool Long Reach Sander LHS 225 EQ Plus IP Image

Festool Long Reach Sander LHS 225 EQ Plus IP

Brand: Festool
Model: 571576
Warranty: 2+1 Year Warranty

Festool Long Reach Sander LHS 225 EQ Plus IP

Festool's PLANEX Drywall sander provides the top-quality finish you have always wanted when working with plasterboard. Its variable length design gives it the flexibility to be used in wide range of areas, from confined hallway spaces to overhead ceiling sanding, all using simple quick-release system. detachable brush segment allows consistent results right up to the edge, and the power and direct transfer of force mean that the PLANEX is capable of removing up to 30kg of material per hour. Variable dust extraction allows inner or outer extraction, and creates suction effect which holds the weight of the sander. The sander is covered by Festool's comprehensive 3-year warranty.

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Suction power adjustment

The extraction control can be used to adapt the suction effect to suit each working situation. With inner extraction, the PLANEX supports its weight and is easy to guide.

Three lengths one machine

Convert the PLANEX from short-reach to long-reach sander in just few hand movements with the quick release connector.

Reach edges with ease

The brush segment can be easily detached without tools to produce consistant sanding results right up to the edge.

A firm hold

The mechanical lock for 36mm hoses prevents the hose from slipping out of the extractor connector when the tool is moved around.

Articulating head for great maneuverability

The flexible, pivoting head on the PLANEX let's you sand floor to ceiling and open wall to corner with ease. Quickly switch from extracting dust from the outside of the pad to the inside of the pad, providing optimal dust collection depending on the application.

Clog free

The CLEANTEX AC PLANEX dust extractor was optimised to meet the requirements of the PLANEX. Its automatic filter cleaning system to tool holder make it the ideal fine dust extractor.

Economical, long-lasting abrasives

The true cost of tool is based on how much it costs to operate over time. The abrasives for the PLANEX help reduce that lifetime expense at fraction of the cost of competing drywall sanders.

Pack and go

The PLANEX Sander comes in Festool Systainer case. The sander can be broken down into its sections in seconds and packed in the Sytainer for transport to and from the jobsite. This protects your investment from damage and provides compact system for storage.

  • Easy to guide, almost unstoppable.
  • Quick release extensions to lengthen tool
  • Two-speed gears for efficient, rapid material removal
  • Robust, reliable drive components and efficient power transfer
  • Adjustable suction power
  • Detachable brush segment for sanding to the edge
  • Sanding plasterboard
  • Sanding dry wall filler
  • Removing wall paper residues
Product Set Nametool-in-systainer
Power consumption550 W
Speed340 910 min
Grinding disk diameter215 mm
Connection diameter36 mm
Weight4.6 kg
Weight (length 1.10 m)3.8 kg
  • StickFix sanding disc 215 mm
  • SYS MAXI systainer
  • Operating tool
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