Finkal Nail Punch Round Head 2.5mm (3/32) CNP53

Finkal Nail Punch Round Head 2.5mm (3/32) CNP53 Image

Finkal Nail Punch Round Head 2.5mm (3/32) CNP53

Brand: Finkal
Model: CNP53

Finkal Nail Punch Round Head 2.5mm (3/32) CNP53

Best in versatility, Finkal punches are widely used in a range of applications and are made in Australia.

  • Unique gnurled grip means these Finkal punches are user friendly with a sure grip
  • For applications that include driving out and/or removing pins and keys that are pre- loosened after the initial movement by a starter punch, a pin punch is a great tool
  • Finkal punches are manufactured from premium grade carbon-alloy steel for additional strength and durability with less brittleness and tool stress
  • Centre punches and nail punches are well tempered to protect head from shattering when striking
  • You can purchase Finkal chisels and punches in sets and/or individually
  • For applications such as piercing and marking, preparing drill spots in metal and a wide variety of other materials, a Centre Punch is an ideal tool
  • Nail Punches are used for setting nails in hidden and difficult to reach places plus to recess nails into timber for a smooth, flush finish
  • Hollow punches are an ideal tool when you need to create a variety of assorted shapes in leather, wood, gaskets and other materials
  • Starter Drift Punches loosen tight, frozen pins, knock out rivets, install and remove pins and shafts and are used to align holes in two or more pieces, as well
  • Cold Chisels are a wise choice for cutting, shaping, chipping or removing a metal softer than the cutting edge of the chisel, including materials such as stone, brick, masonry, concrete, mortar, cement and metal
  • High grade carbon alloy steel in Finkal punches has been hardened and tempered as well as blackened to deliver added durability
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