Mallets and all types of hammers for sale, including ball pein, sledge, claw and club, in metal, rubber, plastic and nylon. Great prices online, friendly service and support, with fast, secure delivery.


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Get Tools Direct Hammers

Not just for driving nails, hammers come in all shapes and sizes for their different purposes. They are named for their shape: claw, ball pein, or their material: rubber, copper, their function: tacking, drilling, and even for the trade they are used in: Engineers, Blacksmith.

In terminology, the main parts of a hammer are its functional 'ace' and a 'head' which includes the shaped parts of the bell, neck and pein. A handle fits into a hole in the head called the 'eye'. and the side of the hammer is called the 'cheek'.


GetToolsDirect stocks a great range from quality manufacturers.

Brand names include:

  • Stanley
  • Estwing
  • Kincrome
  • Thor
  • Harden
  • JW Ross
  • Plumb
  • Supatool

Our main categories of Hammers comprise:

Ball Pein

The round pein of this hammer is used to shape metal or to close rivets.


This most common hammer type has a curved 'claw' that is used to remove nails from wood or to lever something up by easing underneath it.


A club, or lump, hammer has a double-faced head and usually a wooden handle. It is often used for masonry work and to drive other tools, for example chisels.


Softer than steel, copper is less likely to cause damage to what it is hitting. Often more importantly, however, copper will not cause dangerous sparks.


Mallets are used when a soft blow is required, for example when fitting parts, tapping tiles into place or forming sheet metal. They will not cause damage or dents.

Rubber, Plastic and Nylon

Lighter, cheaper and safer, hammers made of rubber, plastic or nylon do not cause excessive damage, for example when making tapping or tacking blows.


When a lot of force is needed, a heavy head on a long handle can deliver it best. Sledge hammers are perfect for demolition jobs and mining, for example, since they distribute their force over a large area.

Other Hammers

These include specialist hammers and those used for less common functions:

  1. Drilling, Welding, Tacking, Framing,
  2. Scutch, Dead Blow, Cross Pein,
  3. Brick, Drywall, Demolition,
  4. Engineers, Linesman, Scaffolders, Blacksmith.

When you need a hammer, think Get Tools Direct for fast and friendly service.

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