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More about Hammers


Hammers have been around for thousands of years, being one of the oldest known tools to have been fashioned and used by man. The primitive cave dwellers, for instance, spent many hours laboriously chipping away at a big piece of rock with a smaller piece of rock to form a crude hammer. Later, hammers were lashed to a rock or wooden handle with sinew to afford even more usability.

There are different types of hammers. Two of the most often used are the ball peen hammer and the claw hammer.

What is the Difference Between a Ball Peen Hammer and a Claw Hammer?

A ball peen hammer, which may also be spelled ball pein, is sometimes called a machinist's hammer. It is a type of peening hammer often used in metalworking. Peening is a process that is becoming increasingly rare in metal fabrication. That being said, the ball peen hammer is still quite useful for applications such as striking punches and chisels.

A claw hammer is a tool mainly used for pounding nails into, or pulling nails out of, some other object such as wood. Claw hammers are not really suitable for heavy hammering on metal surfaces and the ball peen hammer is more suitable for such metal working.

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