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More about Hole Saws


A hole saw, also known as a hole cutter, makes a circular hole and is used in a power drill.

Hole saws and hole saw kits are almost indispensable accessories to your tool kit because they are able to cut a circular hole that may be needed for many projects. When shopping for hole saws, you will find them in the drill bits section as they fit into a power drill. Making holes in doors to install knobs is a common use for hole saws.

Get Tools Direct has what you are looking for in a hole saw and hole saw kits plus accessories, such as:

  • Down Light Cutters
  • Hole saw Sets
  • Multi Construction Core Drill Bits
  • Remgrit Hole Saws
  • Sheet Metal Hole Saws
  • Tungsten Carbide Hole Saws

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