Leica Laser Distance Meter DISTO D3ABT

Leica Laser Distance Meter DISTO D3ABT Image

Leica Laser Distance Meter DISTO D3ABT

Brand: Leica
ID: LG776747
3 Year Warranty
$549.00 549.00

Leica Laser Distance Meter DISTO D3ABT

  • Integrated BLUETOOTH technology mean that you can get measurement results transferred to Pocket PCs and PCs wirelessly
  • You get the transfer software Leica DISTO Transfer  with automatic updates.
  • With a handy combo of distance and tilt measurements, you can quickly and easily determine precise horizontal distance. Taking a measurement at an inclination of ± 45° means that the Leica DISTO will calculate the shortest distance. Measure over the top of objects and people, also
  • Calculate rectangular as well as triangular areas, volumes, room dimensions and other types of Pythagoras functions with the revolutionary Leica DISTO. It has a time-delayed release plus memory for as many as 20 measurements
  • Triangle function will determine the area of a room accurately, even a multi-cornered room
  • Pythagoras functions
  • Stake-out function
  • Easy to use drawing with AutoCAD software
  • Simple, user friendly transfer if you want to further process in Excel, Word, AutoCAD or any other Windows based program
  • 1 X Holster
  • 1 X Hand loop
  • 2 X AA batteries
  • 1 X Target plate
  • 1 X CD with manual / safety instructions
  • Producer certificate M in accordance with DIN 55350-18-4.2.2
  • 1 X Quickstart guide
  • 1 X CD with Leica DISTO Transfer for PC and PPC, AutoCAD PlugIn
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