MacNaught Grease Gun P3 Air Operated Powerlube

MacNaught Grease Gun P3 Air Operated Powerlube

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Brand: MacNaught
ID: P3-01
10 Year Warranty
$1,179.00 AUD Save $185.00

MacNaught Grease Gun P3 Air Operated Powerlube


  • quiet, non-corroding air motor
  • low air consumption
  • no air line lubricator required
  • rubber edged follower plate
  • 4m (13 ft.) x 6 mm (¼) ID delivery hose
  • B2 booster gun with 360° ZSB swivel
  • fully serviceable
  • 10 year warranty and parts guarantee


  • grease viscosity: up to NLGI No.2
  • wetted components: zinc and hard chrome plated carbon steel, brass, and nitrile and polyurethane rubber
  • output: approx. 460 g/min (16 oz/min)
  • max. air pressure: 1 030 kPa (150 psi, 10.3 bar)
  • min. air pressure: 400 kPa (60 psi, 4 bar)
  • min. compressor size: 0.08 m³/min (3 cfm)
  • air inlet/fluid outlet: ¼ NPT (F)
  • pump ratio: 50:1 (grease pressure is 50 times air)
  • B2 gun pressure: up to 69 000 kPa (10 0000 psi, 690 bar) (boost pressure)
  • hose thread: ¼ NPT (M) TA-7K Filter & Regulator Kit


  • TR5 Trolley
  • PDF13 Push On Extension
  • PDF21 Push On Extension
  • TA-7K Filter & Regulator Kit
  • KZDXL Straight Needlepoint Coupler
  • KRV Pressure Release Valve

The P3 POWERLUBE is the ultimate in high pressure, air-powered greasing. With models available to suit containers from 12.5kg (28 lbs.) to 22 kg (48 lbs.), it is fitted with a 50:1 ratio air motor which can run off most small compressors to provide fast, continuous greasing. The P3 POWERLUBE is also suitable for underground coal mine applications.

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