Macnaught R Series Stub Pump R1000S

Macnaught R Series Stub Pump R1000S Image

Macnaught R Series Stub Pump R1000S

Brand: Macnaught
Model: R1000S
Warranty: 2 Year Warranty

Macnaught R Series Stub Pump R1000S

R1000S - Stub Pump

A heavy duty 10:1 ratio oil ratio pump designed to transfer oils up to 100 metres (330 ft) through multiple hose reels and metered gun systems usually found in large workshops utilising bulk tanks.


  • suitable for 205 L (55 US gal) drums and
    bulk tanks
  • built-in pressure relief valve
  • wall mountable (stub version only)
  • air line lubricator
  • 2 (M) bung adaptor
  • fully serviceable
  • 10 year warranty and parts guarantee
  • compatible fluids: oils up to SAE 140,
    automatic transmission fluid,
  • wetted components: aluminium, nitrile rubber,
    Carbon PTFE, zinc plated carbon steel
  • pump ratio: 10:1 (oil pressure is 10 times
    air pressure)
  • output: 15 L/min (4 US gal/min) of SAE 10
    oil at 690 kPa (100 psi) air pressure
    (free flow)
  • max. air pressure: 1 030 kPa (150 psi,
    10.3 bar)
  • min. air pressure: 400 kPa (60 psi, 4 bar)
  • min. air compressor: 0.50 m³/min (18 cfm)
  • air inlet: ¼ NPT (F)
  • pump outlet: ¾ BSP or NPT (F)
  • foot value inlet: ¾ BSP
    or NPT (F) (stub version)


  • TD42S Telescopic Suction Tube
  • TA-7K Filter & Regulator Kit
  • OMP100 Medium Pressure Oil Reel
  • MOTP1220 Twin Pedestal Oil Reel
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