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More about Makita Combos


Makita Combos: Take a Bargain & Make it Better!

The Makita brand is known around the world as one offering high quality, dependable service and innovative design; and for those who need power tools, Makita combos are a definite bargain!

When it comes to versatility in buying tools and getting your money's worth; you can't beat Makita combos!

If you are a novice DIY enthusiast or a beginning pro who plans on earning a living with your tools, and need to build a nice assortment of the most often used power tools for your work shop or tool box, Makita combos are a great choice for a “bundle” deal.

About the Makita Brand

Makita was started in 1915---almost a hundred years ago---and has gone on to make a world famous name for itself, literally a household word for power tools!

When you buy Makita combos, you know you're getting a brand back by a tradition of excellence. No worries about getting shoddy, mass produced junk that is liable to stop working after a very short period of time or worse yet---be unsafe to operate, resulting in serious injury or worse.

You want power tools that will give you years of dependable, safe service and that's exactly what you get with Makita combos!

Types of Makita Combos

Here are some examples of Makita combos:

  • Makita 10.8v Combos---You can get 3,4,5,6,7 or 8 piece Makita combos
  • Makita 18v Combos---Available in anything from 2 piece Makita combos on up through 13 pieces
  • Makita 36v Combos---Several combos available

Best Prices on Makita Combos

Even though you'll be saving money straight across the board with Makita combos, you naturally want to get the best and most competitive prices you can find, and this is where Get Tools Direct comes in!

Get Tools Direct is Australia's online super store for tools and thousands of other products, so get your Makita combos here and save big bucks! View our entire range of Makita Australia and Makita Tools

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