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More about Milwaukee Demolition Hammers


Milwaukee Demolition Hammers: Workhorses of the Industry

Milwaukee demolition hammers are made rough and tough with plenty of brute power to tackle those heavy duty jobs.

If you are facing a big demolition project, you would appreciate Milwaukee demolition hammers for their ability to make quick work out of tearing down walls and buildings or breaking up pavement or concrete.

A demolition hammer is specially designed to do those types of jobs quickly and efficiently, so you will be glad to have one of these bad boys if you undertake a job that calls for their capabilities.

If you have never used Milwaukee demolition hammers, a little information about them might not come amiss.


About Milwaukee Demolition Hammers

As with all of the other premium quality tools offered by this internationally acclaimed brand, Milwaukee demolition hammers are rigorously tested and subjected to stringent quality control before being introduced to the consumer market, as well as being manufactured according to the highest industry standards for workmanship and materials.

In other words - you won't be getting a demolition hammer that malfunctions or outright dies after using it a time or two as is so often the case with mass produced power tools.

Besides being a waste of money in the long run, shoddily designed and poorly manufactured power tools can cause accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Milwaukee demolition hammers are backed by an 85 year tradition of excellence and customer satisfaction!

What sort of jobs can you do with Milwaukee demolition hammers?

Uses for Milwaukee Demolition Hammers

There are various jobs that can be done much faster and more efficiently using Milwaukee demolition hammers as opposed to picking up a sledgehammer and going to work the hard way.

Basically, there are two types of Milwaukee demolition hammers:

  • Milwaukee 1600 Watt Demolition Breaker Kango-Hex
  • Milwaukee 1300 Watt Rotary Hammer

The one that you ultimately decide to buy will depend on the type of jobs you plan to use it on, or you may decide to purchase both types and be ready for any kind of  demolition jobs that come down the pike.

Here are some examples of what you can do with Milwaukee demolition hammers:

  • Bust up a masonry or stone wall
  • Break down brick and masonry buildings
  • Knock down heavy walls
  • Break up paving and roadways
  • And more

Milwaukee demolition hammers will go through those heavy jobs with ease!

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