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More about Milwaukee Impact Wrenches


Milwaukee Impact Wrenches: Made to Tackle Tough Jobs

Milwaukee impact wrenches are built tough to tackle heavy duty jobs.

The Milwaukee brand has been around for more than 85 years and has established a solid reputation for innovative design and a commitment to excellence. When you spend your hard earned money on Milwaukee brand products, you can be assured of getting the highest quality on the market today and tools that are made to provide long, dependable use.

You can get Milwaukee cordless tools, electric power tools or hand tools. If you are shopping for impact wrenches, be sure to check out the premium quality available from the world famous Milwaukee brand.

Would you like to learn a little more about Milwaukee impact wrenches?


About Milwaukee Impact Wrenches

First of all, you should know that you have your choice of:

  • Milwaukee Cordless Impact Wrenches
  • Milwaukee Electric Impact Wrenches

So, regardless of whether you prefer cordless tools or electric power tools, Milwaukee impact wrenches are available in both types. There are advantages to both types, although Milwaukee cordless impact wrenches are a perennial favorite among pros who use their tools to earn a living and Weekend Warriors who love to tackle home improvement, repair and maintenance projects around the house and property.

But, the bottom line is that either of these Milwaukee impact wrenches would serve you well. There are various types of Milwaukee impact wrenches within both categories - electric and cordless.


Types of Milwaukee Impact Wrenches
When you start checking out Milwaukee impact wrenches, both electric power tools and cordless tools, you will find that there are several choices available. The ones you choose will depend upon the applications you need an impact wrench for.

Here are some examples of what you will be able to select when shopping for Milwaukee impact wrenches if you want cordless tools:

  • Milwaukee 12v Sub Compact Cordless Impact Wrench
  • Milwaukee 12 v 3/8" Square Drive Impact Wrench
  • Milwaukee 12v FUEL 3/8" Square Drive Impact Wrench
  • Milwaukee 18v Impact Wrench
  • Milwaukee 18v Hex Impact Wrench
  • Milwaukee 18v 1/2" High Torque Impact Wrench
  • Milwaukee 18v 3/4" High Torque Impact Wrench
  • Milwaukee 28v Impact Wrench

Here are some of the different Milwaukee impact wrenches if you are in the market for electric power tools:

  • Milwaukee 1/2" 725 Watt Impact Wrenches
  • Milwaukee 18v Li-Ion Heavy Duty Impact Wrenches
  • Milwaukee 3/4" 725 watt Impact Wrenches

Check out Milwaukee impact wrenches today and have the satisfaction of knowing you're working with the very best!

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