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More about Milwaukee Pliers


Milwaukee Pliers: A Standby for Every Toolbox

Milwaukee pliers are a tried and true standby and deserve a place in every tool box or workshop.

While the Milwaukee brand is world famous for power tools, you can get top quality hand tools from the company, too. Milwaukee pliers are made to exacting specifications and subject to stringent quality control as well as extensive testing, so you know they can be depended on to perform well for you time after time.

You may think that while it isn't a good idea to buy cheap, generic power tools or cordless tools, hand tools like pliers are all about the same.


Hand tools that are poorly designed and shoddily manufactured are simply not going to be up to the same standards as Milwaukee pliers. When it comes to working with tools, you strictly get what you pay for. If you want to do excellent work with your tools, you need to buy excellent products.

Wondering what types of Milwaukee pliers are available?


Types of Milwaukee Pliers

When you start looking around and shopping for Milwaukee pliers, you will find that there are several types to choose from. The ones you decide to buy will depend upon the sort of jobs you will be doing. It's a fairly safe bet that at some time or the other, you might need each separate type of Milwaukee pliers.

Here are some examples of the types of Milwaukee pliers you might purchase:

  • Milwaukee long nose pliers
  • Milwaukee diagonal cutter pliers 150mm
  • Milwaukee diagonal cutter pliers 170mm
  • Milwaukee diagonal cutters 200mm
  • Milwaukee multi grip straight jaw pliers
  • Milwaukee multi grip V notch jaw ratchet handle pliers

You might find that there will be many occasions when a pair of Milwaukee pliers would come in handy.


Uses for Milwaukee Pliers

So, what could you do with Milwaukee pliers?

You can use Milwaukee pliers any time you have an application that calls for twisting, gripping, cutting or turning. That being said, there are numerous uses for Milwaukee pliers and jobs that would benefit from having them at hand.

For example, if you have a project where you need to get into a very small, tight space; long nose pliers will come to your rescue and reach down inside the desired area to grip and manipulate wires and more. Needless to say, they come in quite handy in automotive and electrical work.

Milwaukee pliers have a multitude of uses and will be one of the mainstays of your tool chest!

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