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Milwaukee Snips: Hand Tools That are Really Handy

Milwaukee snips are a great example of hand tools that are really handy!

If you are in the market for snips, you can count on Milwaukee to provide you with the very best. All of the tools and accessories available from this world famous brand have been proven winners, tried and true, for more than 85 years.

Snips need to snip. In other words, they need to be sharp enough and designed in such a way that you can exercise maximum torque by hand to cut right through such materials as tin, wires and other materials.

Milwaukee snips, also sometimes referred to as shears, are engineered and manufactured to tackle tough jobs and cut right through sheet metal and other materials. The Milwaukee snips you decide to buy will be based upon their application.


About Milwaukee Snips

Basically, in the world of snips, there are two types:

  • Tin Snips
  • Compound Action Snips

Tin snips are technically called tinners snips and as their name implies, are meant to be used to cut tin and other webs such as wire, sheet metal, and more. Generally speaking, tin snips will have broad, extra wide jaws that range in length from 17 to 23 inches.

Compound action snips are often called aviation snips because they were originally developed to cut aluminum used in aircraft. It would probably be correct to assume that this type of Milwaukee snips is the most commonly used due to the compound leverage handle design that increases their mechanical advantage when it comes to exerting more pressure in order to snip through tougher materials like stainless steel.

Of course, there is a place for both sorts of Milwaukee snips in almost every toolbox or workshop.


Types of Milwaukee Snips

When you are shopping for Milwaukee snips, you will find that you have several choices.

Here are some examples of the types of Milwaukee snips you might find useful:

  • Milwaukee Straight Cut Snips
  • Milwaukee Left Cut Snips
  • Milwaukee Right Cut Snips
  • Milwaukee Bulldog Snips
  • Milwaukee Upright Left Cutting Snips
  • Milwaukee Upright Right Cutting Snips

Milwaukee snips are made from superior quality, forged steel to be durable, effective and long lasting, so you can buy with confidence, knowing you have purchased hand tools that will serve you long and well.

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