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View our range of multi grip pliers, including Crescent, Milwaukee, Channellock (Channel lock) and Knipex pliers - all types of multi grip pliers for tightening, loosening and gripping all shapes and sizes of items and fittings.


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More about Multi Grip Pliers


Full Range of Multi Grip Pliers

When you need to grip, hold, bend, crimp or clamp a pipe or rod of any shape, grab your multi grip pliers. For tightening or loosening fittings, your best adjustable pliers will be your most useful hand tool.

Early man, in the Bronze Age, used the forerunners to pliers to grasp hot metal, though they were more like tongs in those days. Today, with a rack and pinion slider to allow different sized grip settings, the self-gripping teeth will hold on to the item you want to secure. The long handles are cushioned for easy operation, ideal for use with one hand. High wear resistance on the jaws means that these pliers will last you a very long time.

Types of Pliers

There are many types of pliers stocked by Get Tools Direct, for serving different purposes. The multi grip selection includes combination pliers and gripping pliers with locking pliers and vice grips, slip joint pliers and parrot pliers, as well as pliers with Irwin's Trademarked Groovelock jaws.

Available jaw shapes include V-jaw, round jaw, notch jaw and straight jaw pliers. We stock multi grip pliers for every purpose, from all of the best brand names associated with this type of hand tool: Channel Lock pliers, Crescent, Irwin, Milwaukee, Strong Hand Tools, Supatool and Knipex pliers.

Crescent Multi Grip Pliers

For more information, or to see the features and specifics of any of our multi grip pliers, simply click on the product image or give us a call today. Our friendly customer service representatives are more than happy to discuss all your requirements.

Once you find out for yourself how easy it is to buy high quality products at low prices from Get Tools Direct, you'll see what has made them a household name for tool buying in Australia

Order your multi grip pliers today and be prepared to be impressed with our quality service.

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