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Job Site Accident Prevention: Platform Ladders for Safety's Sake

Anyone who wants job site accident prevention would do well to consider platform ladders for safety's sake.

Platform ladders are a great way of increasing workplace safety and avoiding nasty falls that can cause short and long term disabilities, time off work, or even fatalities. If you routinely use ladders on the job or around your home and property, using sturdy platform ladders that are designed for maximum safety is a smart move that could save you or a worker a ton of grief!

Falls account for a high percentage of accidents on the job. In order to minimize the risk of injury, the proper ladder should be a must-have.

There are various types of ladders. If you are unfamiliar with platform ladders, you may be wondering exactly what they are and how they differ from other types of ladders.


About Platform Ladders

What is a platform ladder?

Basically, a platform ladder is the same thing as a scaffolding ladder and is often used to replace traditional scaffolding for working at lower levels. Its design incorporates the use of two separate sets of legs to rest on the ground, which adds a great deal of stability. A locking platform increases safety that much more as it spans between the two sets of legs.

The majority of platform ladders are foldable with heavy duty locking joints. Platform ladders are sometimes called adjustable scaffolding ladders.

These ladders are terrifically versatile and can be used inside and out. They are often used when working on or painting eaves of a house or building, installing siding on the lower levels of a building, installing windows and doors, plus many other tasks that involve working above ground level. One particularly nice thing about a ladder such as this is that jobs that go faster or require two people - like installing heavy light fixtures or ceiling fans, for example - is that one person can stand on each side.

If there is one thing you don't want, it's a poor quality, shoddily manufactured platform ladder that cannot be depended on for stability or performance. A cheap ladder that is liable to collapse while in use is an accident waiting to happen. So, it is definitely preferable to have a high quality, sturdy ladder that you can count on to do its job time after time.

You can buy premium quality, brand name platform ladders without paying premium prices!


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