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All types of pliers available from GTD, with the convenience of complete sets. Best range available online; includes long nose, needle nose, multigrips, combination, snap and split ring, channel lock, crimping and circlip pliers for all purposes, including fencing, electrical and fishing applications.


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More about Pliers


Essential Pliers

Pliers are a very commonly used hand tool with opposing jaws that are a tremendous help with gripping, bending and cutting. Two cross metal limbs work together to provide leverage that compounds the strength of your hand. A very handy tool to have around the house, they are widely considered to be an essential part of every tool chest and workshop due to their versatility.

There is a variety of types of pliers available and each is geared towards performing a certain job; so it is important to use the right ones for the job to ensure both efficiency and safety.

Types of pliers:


circlip long nose/needle nose/snipe nose multi grip
fencing electrical/electronics/insulated fishing
combination snap ring/split ring/seeger hog ring
hose clamp locking/vise-grip/mole wrench slip joint
crimping open end pincers


We also carry a good range of specialist function tools, for example for glass nibbling, nail extracting and grozing, as well as those adapted for handling a specific mechanical component like a water pump, spark plug socket, brake spring or retaining ring.

Best Brands

Get Tools Direct has the pliers you are looking for, such as long nose, multi grip and circlip pliers, as well as many other types. Look out for our pliers set offers, in 4,6 or 8 pieces, our tool rolls and other special combo deals. We stock all the best brands, including:

  • Knipex
  • Kincrome
  • Stanley
  • Irwin pliers
  • Channel lock
  • Crescent
  • Harden
  • Hand Tools
  • Lang
  • Lisle
  • Milwaukee
  • Supatool
  • Sutton Tools
  • Also 1 ea of:
  • Excalibur
  • Gearwrench
  • 888

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