Promac Plano 1250mm Gluepress clamps 20010

Promac Plano 1250mm Gluepress clamps 20010 Image

Promac Plano 1250mm Gluepress clamps 20010

Brand: Promac
Model: 20010

Promac Plano 1250mm Gluepress clamps 20010

Clamps are sold individually

  • The unique features of PLANO are created by the ingenious linking arms, which divide the pressure amoungst the four surfaces. The patented function is very simple but efficient. When the pressure on the lower stop and the upper press-plate increases, the sidebars are automaitically forced towards the wood.
  • The sidebars are open from the inside, and have room for the complete mechanism. That is why PLANO allows gluing of very thin boards.
  • The vertical alignment is space-saving, and prevents the glue from sliding to one side of the joint.
  • The patents also cover the functions of the spring-equipped hooks, which are attached to the ends of th arms. They simplify the movement of the lower stop in both directions and lock safely in the punched holes of the sidebar.
  • It is more or less impossible to create equal pressure on the entire surfaces when using conventional sash-clamps, or any clamps which only clamp in one direction. Clamping from both sides works only if the boards are very thick. PLANO always exerts the same pressure on both sides of the joint, because the pressure is centred in middle of th ewood, regardless of the thickness.
ModelPlano 1250
Height (H) 1270 mm
Width (B) 35 mm
Weight4400 g
Clamping height (max)1200 mm
Clamping width (G)0-120 mm
Pressure (max) 800 kp
Material Anodically oxidiced aluminium Galvaniced steel
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