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A router can make all sorts of fancy edges, but you need router bits to get the type of edge you have in mind.

Along with decorative edges, you can also use the appropriate router fittings to make dadoes, cut rabbets and perfect patterns if you have a router at hand. This versatile tool is found in many workshops and tool kits of both professionals and Weekend Warriors who enjoy tackling home improvement projects on a DIY basis and want the right tools for the project.

Routers are commonly used in such applications as woodworking or making countertops, although they have many other uses.

If you are looking around for a router and router bits and have never used this handy tool, it might be helpful to you to have some basic information before you start shopping to buy.


About Routers & Router Bits

What is a router?

Basically, a router is a power tool that is designed to remove material from wood or certain other materials. It is a type of high speed rotary cutting tool. There are two types of routers:

  1. Plunge Cut
  2. Standard Base

With a plunge cut router, you would start your cut in the surface of the wood or other material. A standard base router is made to operate on the edge of the material. A lot of routers come with two bases so that you can make one tool serve double duty as both a plunge cut and a standard base. Many people like to have a router table to provide a stable base for a hand held router.

You can find fixed or variable speed routers. The majority of the routers sold for home use router bits that are either 3/8 inch or with the larger models; ½ inch. A router differs from a drill in that it uses just the edge of its cutting bit, which rotates at speeds of between 25,000 and 30,000 RPMs to achieve a very smooth cut.

Router bits may be found in assorted sizes and shapes. The router bits or router fittings you buy and use will depend on the type of material and the type of cut you want to make. There are two types of router bits:

  1. Carbide Tipped
  2. High Speed Steel

The carbide tipped router bits are considerably more costly than the high speed steel, but in view of the fact that they tend to last about three times longer, are worth the higher price tag.


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