Savage Diamond Core Drill 12mm 62-12.00

Savage Diamond Core Drill 12mm 62-12.00 Image

Savage Diamond Core Drill 12mm 62-12.00

Brand: Savage
Model: 62-12.00

Savage Diamond Core Drill 12mm 62-12.00

Diamond core drills and hole saws require the use of proper lubrication, correct drill speed and proper pressure. Drilling methods and techniques vary significantly depending upon the material being drilled.

To achive optimum cutting performance and maximum core drill life use a slow to very slow drill speed, low drill pressure, and plenty of water for lubrication. Variable speed drills work best since the correct speed can be selected.

Diamond core drills only drill out a portion of the resulting hole so they drill much faster then conventional blunt nose drills.

Core drills can be used on most non-ferrous hard materials such as glass, ceramic, porcelain, fibreglass, slate, marble, granite and other natural and manufactured stone materials.

The life of any type of diamond drill depends upon the hardness, abrasiveness and thickness of the material being drilled and the specific drilling techniques used.

Using diamond core drills in hard materials is not difficult, however drilling the hole takes time. You should consider that they aren't drilling" a hole - they are grinding" a hole.

Pack Quantity1
Speeds In RPM:
Glass, Ceramic and China800
Limestone and Marble600
Ceramic Tile600
Granite and Comp. Stone400
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