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Hand, Air and Electric Staple Guns

A staple gun or powered stapler is a tool used to drive staples into a surface. Depending on the gun chosen, polymer or metal staples can be applied to various materials. Staple guns come in different varieties and can be powered by different means; including compressed air, electricity, or even muscle power.

The stapler size is selected to fit the job requirements, with light, medium and heavy duty staple guns available from Get Tools Direct. We also supply rapid staplers that can serve in the capacity of a nail gun.

A mobile or hand gun stapler is an extremely useful tool to have, being very multi-functional. It serves as a useful stapler gun for upholstery and furniture, crafts and hobbies. For heavier projects, use staplers for wood and hammer staplers, or hammer tackers, to apply staples that hold parts in place before final fixing. Get Tools Direct also supply several ‘secret floor’ staplers for inserting the staples at a consistent angle when laying and fixing timber floorboards.

Other common uses for staple guns include for roofing, wiring, fitting insulation, house wrapping and many more applications.

Using Staple Guns

Most staples come in a square shape, but rounded ones are also available for use on wiring, etc. Unlike an office stapler, a powered staple gun does not have the "anvil", or metal plate, that is designed to bend the staple to take away the sharp edges.

The main advantage of a staple gun over hand staplers is the reduced level of fatigue on the human operator as well as the speed and efficiency of use.

Get Tools Direct has a great selection of high quality stapling tools such as hand staplers, air staple guns and electric staple guns. Brands include

Start shopping and saving time and money now on a staple gun for your needs with Get Tools Direct!

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