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More about Stapler


A stapler, staple gun or powered stapler is a tool used to drive metal staples into a surface. Depending on the gun chosen it can be used to drive a staple for a variety of purposes. Including roofing, wiring, insulation, upholstery, house wrapping, craft, hobbies, and many more. Staple guns come in different varieties and can be powered by different means; including compressed air, electricity, or even muscle power.

Most staples come in a square shape but rounded staples are also available for use on wiring, etc. Unlike an office stapler a powered stapler does without the "anvil" or metal plate that is designed to bend the staple to take away the sharp edges, essential for human handling. The main advantage of a staple gun over muscle powered staplers is the level of fatigue on the human operator as well as the speed and efficiency of use.

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