Stoltz TDW028 18V 3.0Ah NiMH Battery

Stoltz TDW028 18V 3.0Ah NiMH Battery Image

Stoltz TDW028 18V 3.0Ah NiMH Battery

Brand: Stoltz
Model: TDW028

Stoltz TDW028 18V 3.0Ah NiMH Battery

Replaces Battery Model No:

DC9096, DE9095, DE9096, DE9098, DW9095,
DW9096, DW9098, DW9099(2.2Ah), XRP

Suits Device Models:

DC330, DC330K, DC330KA, DC330KB, DC330N,
DC380KA, DC380KB, DC380N, DC385, DC385K,
DC390, DC390K, DC390KA, DC390KB, DC390N,
DC410, DC410KA, DC410KB, DC410N, DC490KA,
DC515K, DC520KA, DC527, DC550, DC550KA, DC617,
DC618, DC618KA, DC668KA, DC729KA, DC759, DC759KA,
DC759KB, DC987, DC987KA, DC987KB, DC988, DC988KA,
DC988KB, DC988VA, DC989KA, DC989VA, DC998KB, DW056,
DW056K, DW056K-2, DW056N, DW057K, DW057K-2, DW057N,
DW059, DW059K-2, DW073K, DW2PAK2, DW4KIT2, DW4KIT2XE,
DW4MEGAXE, DW5KIT2, DW5KIT3XE, DW908, DW919, DW929K-2,
DW932, DW932K, DW933, DW933K, DW933K-2, DW933K-XE,
DW934, DW934K-2, DW936, DW936K, DW938, DW938K, DW938K-2,
DW938K-XE, DW939K-XE, DW958K-2, DW959K-2, DW960, DW960K,
DW960K-2, DW987, DW987K-2, DW987KQ, DW988, DW988K-2,
DW988KCXE, DW988KJ-2, DW988KQ, DW988KR-2, DW988KS-2,
DW989, DW989K-2, DW995, DW995B, DW995K-2, DW997, DW997K-2,
DW998K-2, DW998KW, DW999, DW999K, DW999K-2, DW999K2H,

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