Unimig Portable MMA/TIG 140Amp DC Welding Machine KUMJR140CA

Unimig Portable MMA/TIG 140Amp DC Welding Machine KUMJR140CA Image

Unimig Portable MMA/TIG 140Amp DC Welding Machine KUMJR140CA

Brand: Unimig
Model: KUMJR140CA

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Unimig Portable MMA/TIG 140Amp DC Welding Machine KUMJR140CA

The ARC140 is an inverter-based welding machine produced using the latest in IGBT technology. Low cost and portable this machine is reliable, robust and stacked with features that you can expect from a quality welder. The DC MMA welding capability delivers a smooth and incredibly stable arc allowing easy welding with electrodes producing high quality welds including cast Iron, stainless and low hydrogen. The ARC140 is equipped with DC Lift Arc function, connection of the 17V Tig torch allows quality DC Tig welding of steel, stainless steel, bronze and copper.

The Lift Arc function is superb and delivers perfect arc ignition every time without any sticking of the tungsten electrode to the work piece, a remarkably smooth stable arc produces high quality Tig welds. The ARC140 is an exceptional machine that is suitable for a wide range of applications including light industrial use, site welding, farming, along with repair and maintenance applications. The Arc140 is packaged in a tough PVC carry case with your choice of MMA option accessories or MMA/TIG option accessories. The-ARC140 gives you the best of both worlds– great portability, with the power to get the job done. Built to our specification and manufactured in compliance to AS/NZ60974.1

  • Latest IGBT inverter technology
  • MMA (stick electrode)
  • Hot start (improves electrode starting)
  • Arc Force (boosts current to prevent electrode extinguishing)
  • Excellent arc stability with all electrodes
  • DC TIG
  • Lift Arc ignition (prevents tungsten sticking during arc ignition)
  • Ultra smooth DC TIG welding current
  • Thermal overload protection
  • IP21S rating for environmental/safety protection
  • Generator compatible (recommend 6.0 KVA minimum)
  • Tolerant to variable power supplies
Power Supply / Phases (V-Ph) 240V - 1 ±15%
Rated Input Power (KVA) 6.2
ieff (Amps) 14.2A
Rated Input Current (A) 26
Rated Output 140A/25.6V
Welding Current Range 10~140A
No-Load Voltage (V) 80
Duty Cycle @ 40ºC as per
[email protected] MMA
[email protected] TIG
Duty Cycle @ 25ºC (approximate) [email protected] MMA
[email protected] TIG
Efficiency (%) 85
Power Factor 0.70
Protection Class IP21S
Insulation Class F
Size (mm) 290 x 115 x 200
Weight (kg) 4.9
  • ARC140 Machine
  • Earth Lead & Arc Lead 16mm x 4m
  • PVC Carry Case
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