Unimig Pulse MIG Wire Feeder KTRPMSWF

Unimig Pulse MIG Wire Feeder KTRPMSWF Image

Unimig Pulse MIG Wire Feeder KTRPMSWF

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Unimig Pulse MIG Wire Feeder KTRPMSWF

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  • Connection of the optional separate wire feeder, provides dual independent wire feed operation from the machine.
  • The digitally controlled wire feeder can feed any kind of wire with high efficiency.
  • It is completely independent from the power source, a digital communication connects the wire feeder control to the power source and compensates the resistance of the interconnecting cable.
  • An innovative communication system allows the use of interconnecting cables up to 50 meters without affecting the arc.
  • All the welding parameters are easy to set via the front panel of the wire feeder eliminating the need to go to the power source.
  • The wire feeder is robust and developed also for on site welding and is constructed to be lightweight and portable.
  • It can be used with undercarriage wheels for easy movement in the welding area or it can be located on a turning support fixed to the top of the machine.
  • The dimensions are as small as possible, but for a special use where weight must be reduced an adapter to accept smaller spools of wire is available.
  • With this adapter and a 5kg spool of wire installed the maximum weight is 13 kg and this solution is the lightest for off shore, on site transportable requirement.
  • The wire feeder is also ideal for stationary applications where the compact dimensions are important.
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