Unimig RAZOR 320 AC/DC Bundle PK11009

Unimig RAZOR 320 AC/DC Bundle PK11009 Image New Product

Unimig RAZOR 320 AC/DC Bundle PK11009

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Brand: Unimig
Model: PK11009
Warranty: 3 years
Consumable Starter Kit
Rogue TIG Gloves
Foot Control

Unimig RAZOR 320 AC/DC Bundle PK11009


The RAZOR 320 AC/DC gives you maximum control over High-Frequency AC/DC TIG welding for incredible results from start to finish. This Three-Phase machine features Square, Trapezoidal and Sine AC output waveforms, as well as MIX ARC AC/DC functions.


  • The RAZOR 320 AC/DC is a complete and professional TIG /STICK welding machine that is ideal for all high-end aluminium, stainless steel fabrication, marine and industrial engineering welding situations.
  • The all-new ARC TORCHOLOGY T3 TIG Torch comes standard with the RAZOR 320 AC/DC, offering up to 30% better power-to-weight ratio and longer consumable lifecycles.
  • A Remote Foot Control and Water Cooler can also be plugged into the machine for even more versatility and power.
  • AC TIG Welding - Featuring multiple AC output waveforms of Square, Trapezoidal and Sine, combined with AC Balance and AC Frequency control you have the ultimate tool in AC TIG Welding mode to suit all your AC TIG welding requirements.
  • DC TIG Welding - Latest 43KHz inverter frequency technology provides the ultimate in smooth and stable arc condition for DC TIG welding mode, coupled with the Digital Weld Sequence Program provides complete and professional DC TIG Welding function.
  • Mix Arc AC/DC TIG Welding - This function of MIX AC/DC makes it possible to modulate the welding current, alternating a period of TIG AC with a period of TIG DC-. This means that the e?ciency of AC TIG welding can be combined with the high penetration of DC TIG welding, obtaining higher welding speeds and establishing the weld puddle quicker on cold work-pieces. The operator adjustable parameter is the percentage of AC waveform compared to DC- waveform over the entire period, which can be varied from 5~95%.
  • Stick Welding - Full attention is given to MMA welding providing both DC and AC output modes. Ignition AMP and Ignition Time provide for an operator-controlled Hot Start of the weld by applying extra current to the set weld current over a preset time. Arc force allows adjustment of the arc transfer from a digging action through to a softer layering effect. The complete and professional MMA function allows you to set the ideal arc condition no matter what the electrode and welding situation.
  • Weld Sequence Control - The Digital Weld Sequence Program and intelligent MCU software provide full TIG functionality in AC, DC and MIX modes. Adjustable pre-sets include Pre-Gas time, Start Current, Up Slope, Down Slope, Finish Current level and Post-Gas time. Digital Pulse parameter presets include Peak & Base current; Pulse Frequency & Pulse Width. HF and Lift Arc Ignition.
  • The job memory function allows you to enter and store weld parameter settings under job numbers. The job number can be recalled to reveal and use the weld parameters stored, and weld parameters can be further adjusted and stored as required. A total of 50 Jobs can be memorised and stored for recall.
Input Voltage415 V Three-Phase
Rated Input Power9.0 kVA
Ieff10.0 A
Rated Output10 - 315 A / 22.6 V
No Load Voltage9-73 V
Protection ClassIP21S
Insulation ClassF
Minimum Generator10.0 kVA
Dinse Connector35/50
Dimensions566 x 223.5 x 405 mm
Weight25.5 kg
TIG Specifications:
TIG Function TypeAC/DC HF TIG & AC/DC Pulse
TIG Welding Current Range10-315 A
TIG Duty Cycle @ 40°C30% @ 315 A
TIG Welding Thickness Range1-16 mm
Stick Specifications:
Stick Welding Current Range10-270 A
Stick Duty Cycle @ 40°C30% @ 270 A
Stick Electrode Range2.5-4.0 mm
Stick Welding Thickness Range2-16 mm
Arc Force0-40
Unimig TIG 320 Trolley with Water Cooler JRTIG320TROLLEY


  • The RAZOR 320 AC/DC Water Cooler is the perfect accessory to maximise TIG welding performance, especially at high amperages.
  • When combined with the T3W Water-Cooled TIG Torch, Bi-Flow Technology is utilised - high capacity cooling chambers remove excessive heat at source, allowing greater performance from the TIG Torch.
Input Voltage240V Single-Phase
Rated Input Power180 W
Protection ClassIP21S
Coolant Volume5.5 L
Max Pressure0.3 MPa
Max Flow5 L / min
Rated Cooling power1.2 kw
Dimensions500 x 200 x 234 mm
Weight14.8 kg
Unimig T2 TIG Torch Consumable Starter Kit UMSKT2


  • Packaged in a sturdy carry case, consumable starter kits are now available to from UNIMIG
  • This kit is the perfect companion to be bundled alongside machines, which the kit containing all the essential consumables for an T2 TIG Torch.
  • Includes: Short Back Cap, Long Back Cap,1.6mm Collet Body,2.4mm Collet Body,1.6mm Gas Lens,2.4mm Gas Lens, Head Gasket,Heat Zone Isolator,2x Ceramic Cup Size 7,2x 1.6mm Thoriated Tungsten,2x 2.4mm Thoriated Tungsten,2x 1.6mm Zirconiated Tungsten,2x 2.4mm Zirconiated Tungsten
Unimig Rogue Large Pro TIG Glove UM-S-TG1L


  • ROGUE TIG Welding Gloves are made from premium goat hide leather.
  • The high-strength Kevlar stitching is durable against heat, and cotton-lined palms are used to increase control and decrease fatigue in your hands.
  • The reinforced leather side patch assists in durability and reduces fatigue.
  • The glove has also been designed to give you superior fingertip sensitivity for accurate welds.
  • Increased feel
  • Decreased fatigue
  • Premium goat hide leather
  • High-strength Kevlar stitching
MaterialHigh-strength Kevlar
Unimig Foot Control (suit Razor TIG 200 AC/DC) UTJRFC-4


  • Remote amperage controls allow for the welding current to be adjusted remotely from the welding machine during welding
  • Sturdy metal construction
  • Ergonomic angle for pedal control
  • Strong return spring
  • Current limiting control

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