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More about Ute Tool Boxes


Ute toolboxes are internationally known for the convenience and sturdy storage options they provide. The word “ute” is slang for utility and you will find that Ute toolboxes are the ultimate in utility when it comes to offering reasonably priced, innovative designs in storage for your tools and accessories.

Ute tool boxes, as well as Ute trays, are quite useful in creating extra, much needed space in utility vehicles. There is an extensive variety of Ute toolboxes and accessories on the market today. Generally speaking, these Ute toolboxes and accessories may be fitted in any part of your vehicle without compromising its original function or design.

What Can Be Kept in Ute Toolboxes?

There are many things that you might choose to keep in Ute toolboxes. For instance, you might keep your extra tools and/or a first aid kit in the extra space provided by these accessories. Wherever you have a bit of unused space in your vehicle, Ute accessories can fit in and create extra storage space. Ute toolboxes and accessories are compact and you can choose them in colors and shapes that match your vehicle. This helps to deter theft as it makes it less noticeable that you have this extra storage in your vehicle.

What are Ute Toolboxes Made From?

The material used in the construction of Ute toolboxes might be galvanized steel, aluminum or a special and very rugged, durable poly. Here are the types of Ute toolboxes we offer:

  • Aluminum Checker Plate Boxes
  • Steel Checker Plate Boxes
  • Poly Space Cases

In the aluminum selection of Ute toolboxes, you can choose between a variety of types and thicknesses. These Ute toolboxes feature:

  • Fully welded seams
  • Stainless steel T-bar style locks for added strength & security
  • High quality stainless piano hinge to secure the lid
  • Gas struts to support the lid when open
  • Dust and water resistant with a rubber weather sealed opening,
  • Internal shelf for strength & functionality

The steel checker plate Ute toolboxes feature:

  • Heavy gauge sheet steel
  • Heavy duty Silver/Black powder coating with UV protection
  • Chequer plate finish
  • Strong reinforced lid with metal hinge lid stay
  • Fully length piano hinge / Stainless Steel lock

The Poly Spacecase Ute toolboxes feature:

  • High strength UV stabilised polyethylene material
  • Stackable and interlocking with pad-lockable quality catches
  • Offer ideal protection against harsh environmental conditions, being highly durable, impervious to most chemicals and moisture, won't dent or rust.
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