Worksharp Electric Knife Sharpener WSKTS

Worksharp Electric Knife Sharpener WSKTS  Image

Worksharp Electric Knife Sharpener WSKTS

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Brand: Worksharp
Model: WSKTS-I
Warranty: 12 Month Warranty
Abrasive belt kit (P80
P220 and 6000)
Kitchen guide
Outdoor knife guide
Instructional DVD
User manual

Worksharp Electric Knife Sharpener WSKTS

The Work Sharp Knife & Tool sharpener is the first knife sharpener designed to sharpen every knife you own. Using flexible abrasive belts, the sharpener is able to sharpen not just straight bladed knives, but also curved knives, tanto blades, fillet knives, serrated blades, gut hooks, and virtually any other shape of knife blade. The Work Sharp Knife & Tool sharpener uses precision angle sharpening guides to ensure the proper angle every time. Two guides are included: a 50° guide for hunting and outdoor knives (25° per bevel), and a 40° guide for thinner blades and kitchen knives (20° per bevel). This combination of flexible belts and precision guides lets you sharpen your blade to hair popping results with speed, ease and repeatability. This is the fastest and easiest way to get your knives as sharp as you need them to be. Stop tolerating dull knives and time consuming sharpening methods!

Professional knife makers use flexible belts to put a razor sharp edge on their blades, and now you can have the same technology at home to use any time your knives get dull. You may already have other sharpening methods, but never before has a knife sharpener been able to quickly and easily sharpen this broad range of knives to such extremely sharp results.

The Work Sharp Knife & Tool sharpener is also able to sharpen other common tools including scissors, axes and hatchets, mower blades, garden shears, shovels, and just about any tool with a blade. Can even sharpen ceramic blades, when used with a diamond abrasive belt (models 09Dx014 and 09Dx015). The versatility of the Knife & Tool sharpener makes it an invaluable tool for keeping all your blades in razor sharp condition and ready whenever you need them.

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Fantastic. easy to use so you don't let your equipment get too blunt before you use it



Awesome Machine

The first one of these I purchased was to try it out. The next one I purchased was because the first one was so well designed, engineered and above all versatile. For speed of tasks I now have one set up for heavy duty work,then one set up for an extra fine hone, brightening up any edge after a lot of cutting/chopping. To change the different grit belts on the machine is mindless child's play, easily mastered by any operator of any skill level. I have also purchased both of the optional recommended diamond abrasive grit belts to work on my ceramic blades I use in the kitchen. As a matter of fact I intend on purchasing yet another unit just to keep in the kitchen expressly for that purpose as the machine is light easy to stow away, I don't have to take the knife to my workshop or visa-versa. Check this out!!! The head of the machine actually pivots around forward, in such a way that allows the machine belt to also be used as a mini belt sander. I have used this machine quite a bit by sharpening all items I have that remotely needed a razor edge, then also sharpened most friends, families items, the original belts I am STILL USING!show no sign of the need for replacement as yet as they keep on performing the very same razor sharp result on every single blade they rejuvenate much to my absolute delight. Do get at least one of these as they are indeed the DUCK'S GUTZ!!!, most certainly worth the bux outlay.


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