Macnaught 1-1/2" BSP 4 Way Evacuation Valve M4WV38

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4 Way Evacuation Valve is used for extraction and discharge of fluids which reduces the necessity of multiple valves controlling the fluid. The Fluids mainly can be waste oil, hydraulic, gear and engine oil, ATF, coolants. The valve makes the operation easier for the transfer of fluid by just shifting the lever which reverses the flow of the fluid from filling to discharging the waste oil/fluids or vice versa. This valve requires only one pump for both the operation and is simplified without the hose/pipe connections being bothered.

  • Easy Operation - The 4 Way evacuation valve makes operation easy for the transfer of fluid by reducing the necessity for multiple valves.
  • Easy Installation - Four threaded bolts with spec of M8x12 is been provided for convenient installation.
  • Reverse Flow - Extraction and Discharge of fluids can be controlled by just repositioning the handle to the desired requirement.
  • Single Pump - One pump is sufficient for both the operations (discharge and extraction of fluid) which simplifies the plumbing.
  • No Flow restriction - There will be no pressure or volume loss during the flow in either direction.
Max Working Pressure200 psi (14 bar)
Inlet/Outlet Connections1-1/2" BSP
Bolt Holes SpecM8x12

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Macnaught 1-1/2" BSP 4 Way Evacuation Valve M4WV38

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